The Global Sentiment Survey 2024

Donald Taylor hat jetzt eine kommentierte Version seiner Studie publiziert, auf die man am schnellsten über diesen LinkedIn-Beitrag zugreifen kann. Die Ergebnisse, betont er noch einmal, „are unlike anything in its 11-year history“. Vier „key take aways“ hebt er hervor: „1. AI dominates“, „2. Skills and data are back to stay“, „3. The ‘pandemic effect’ is over“ und „4. Everyone has challenges“.

„It is no surprise that this year’s L&D Global Sentiment Survey was topped by Artificial Intelligence. AI is no longer a specialist area. Since the launch of Chat GPT in November 2022, the deluge of news, interest and opinions around AI has been inescapable. The survey has one obligatory question: “What will be hot in workplace L&D in 2024?” There could be only one answer.

Two things, however, did surprise in analysing responses to the 4-question survey: the sheer extent of the support for AI, and the ambivalence towards it. AI dominated voting in every region and area of work. The vote share of [21.5%] on the final table was an unprecedented [9%] higher than the previous year.“
Donald H Taylor, Februar 2024