Mobile learning revisited

Philip J. Kerr zieht hier Vergleiche zwischen Mobile Learning und Künstlicher Intelligenz. Dafür geht er zurück zu den Anfängen von Mobile Learning 2006/ 2007 und folgt einigen Wegmarken der Diskussion, vor allem im Bereich des Sprachenlernens. Sein Resümee:

„Mobile learning changed things for the better for some learners in some contexts: claims that it was the future of, or would revolutionize, language learning have proved somewhat exaggerated. Indeed, the proliferation of badly-designed language learning apps suggests that much mobile learning reinforces the conventional past of language learning (drilling, gamified rote learning, native-speaker models, etc.) rather than leading to positive change (see Kohn, 2023). The history of edtech is a history of broken promises and unfulfilled potential and there is no good reason why generative AI will be any different.“
Philip J. Kerr, Adaptive Learning in ELT, 5. Oktober 2023