So, this is a thing…

Es geht um Künstliche Intelligenz in der Bildung, vor allem in Bildungsinstitutionen wie Hochschulen. Studierende nutzen AI, um Arbeiten zu schreiben, Lehrende nutzen AI, um diese Arbeiten zu entdecken; AI wird sich künftig in Veranstaltungen einschreiben und wird dort nicht von Lehrenden, sondern von AI unterrichtet. Und so weiter. „The system is broken“, schreibt Jon Dron, Professor an der Athabasca University, Canada.

„If we don’t want this to happen then it is time for educators to reclaim, to celebrate, and (perhaps a little) to reinvent our humanity. We need, more and more, to think of education as a process of learning to be, not of learning to do, except insofar as the doing contributes to our being. It’s about people, learning to be people, in the presence of and through interaction with other people. It’s about creativity, compassion, and meaning, not the achievement of outcomes a machine could replicate with ease. I think it should always have been this way.“
Jon Dron, Jon Dron’s home page, 26. September 2022

Bildquelle: DALL·E 2 („a robot sitting at the desk, thinking and writing a text on screen”)