What We Learned From Talking with 100 MOOC Students

Die kurze Zusammenfassung macht neugierig auf den Artikel (den ich noch nicht gelesen habe). Die Autoren haben 100 MOOC-Studierende nach ihren Lernerfahrungen gefragt. Ihre Schlussfolgerung:

“For me, the most important take away was the changing notion of what it means to be a participant in a course. Since medieval times, professors were repositories of scarce knowledge and courses were a means of transmitting a body of knowledge to students. Today, however, courses are not hermetically-sealed bundles of knowledge, but they are nodes in a larger network of learning opportunities, and students treat them that way. Students enrolled in a MOOC will search key terms on Google and Wikipedia, join social network groups of fellow learners, read snippets on Google Books of relevant texts, and connect courses to others. Given that students see courses as one node in a larger network, we should design them that way, so a great course is a map to a wider territory rather than a tightly-bound summation of a body of knowledge.”
Justin Reich, Education Week, 6. Juli 2016