Top 100 Tools for Learning 2014 is ready

Jane Hart hat wieder, zum achten Mal bereits, ihre “Tools for Learning”-Liste zusammengestellt. Dieses Mal haben 1.038 Learning Professionals weltweit ihre Stimmen abgegeben. Hier einige der Punkte, die Jane Hart hervorhebt (siehe auch: Analysis):

  • “Twitter is the No 1 tool for the 6th year running.”
  • “PowerPoint moves up one place to 4 …”.
  • “LinkedIn moves up into Top 10 (knocking Google+ out of the Top 10)”
  • “Once again, it is still free online social tools that dominate the list, and it is again clear they are being used significantly for both continuous and on demand independent personal learning.”
  • “However, e-learning authoring tools have made a good showing this year …”
  • “Consequently, this year’s list is very much a mix of the old and the new: traditional training tools and new learning tools.”

Alle weiteren Platzierungen finden sich in einer umfassenden Slideshow sowie auf den Webseiten von Jane Hart.
Jane Hart, Learning in the Modern Social Workplace, 22. September 2014