Fewer Full-Sized Courses. More learning snacks, ePubs, Videos, and Reference Tools

boller_201302.jpgAuch wenn mir der Absender, Sharon Boller und “Bottom-Line Performance”, bis heute noch nicht begegnet ist, das White Paper mit dem Titel “Learning Trends, Technologies and Opportunities” ist lesenswert. Im ersten Teil geht es um “Six Truths about Today’s Learning Environment”, im zweiten Teil sind dann “Emerging Trends and Technologies” an der Reihe. Konkret:

“1. Less desktop and more mobile…but not that fast.
2. Fewer full-sized courses that require large chunks of time to complete in a single sitting. More learning snacks.
3. Less focus on the LMS. More focus on Tin Can API.
4. Less Click NEXT or Tell. More games and gamification of learning.
5. Fewer PPT-focused lectures (perhaps this is simply a wish of ours???). More use of interactive tools within lectures.
6. Less focus on training employees. More focus on encouraging employees to develop informal learning strategies and personal knowledge networks.
7. Less trainers and more community managers and content curators.”

Mit vielen Infografiken, Beispielen und Referenzen.
Steve Boller, Bottom-Line Performance, 9. Februar 2013