The Seeds That Seymour Sowed

Mitchel Resnick, Professor of Learning Research am MIT Media Lab, hat ein Vorwort zur Neuauflage von „Mindstorms“ geschrieben, dem Klassiker von Seymour Papert aus dem Jahre 1980. Es ist eigentlich mehr ein Essay und wirklich lesenswert!

Ich zitiere hier zwei Absätze, die die Bedeutung des Ansatzes von Seymour Papert sehr gut vermitteln:

„Even more radical were the ways in which Seymour imagined children using computers. In the small community of researchers who in 1980 were beginning to think about the use of computers in K-12 education, most focused on “computer-aided instruction,” in which computers played the role of a traditional teacher: delivering information and instruction to students, conducting quizzes to measure what the students had learned, then adapting subsequent instruction based on student responses.

In Mindstorms, Seymour offered a radically different vision. For Seymour, computers were not a replacement for the teacher but a new medium that children could use for making things and expressing themselves. In one of many memorable turns-of-phrase in Mindstorms, Seymour rejected the computer-aided instruction approach in which “the computer is being used to program the child” and argued for an alternative approach in which “the child programs the computer.”
Mitchel Resnick, Medium, 17. Oktober 2020