5 Use Cases for a Corporate YouTube in Organizations

Der Einsatz von Video in Corporate Learning stößt so viele Fragen und Themen an, dass es heute fast schon ein “Competence Center” braucht, um sie alle zu beantworten. Elliott Masie hat kürzlich im Rahmen einer Seminarankündigung einmal einige Facetten des Themas aufgelistet:

“- Video in Webinars.
– User Created Video Segments & Stories.
– Evolving Video in eLearning Content Modules.
– Video in Classrooms Content.
– Video Chat & Video Conferencing.
– Video Expertise & Coaching.
– Classrooms Shift with Live & Streamed Video.”

Und das ist nur ein Ausschnitt. Dan Pontefract (TELUS) nimmt hier das Stichwort “Video Sharing” auf und skizziert verschiedene Einsatzbereiche: Executive Communications, Corporate Communications, Curated Learning, Employee Recognition und Social Learning. Letzteres beschreibt er folgendermaßen:

 ”Well well well. You knew it had to be on the list, right? What better way to use video sharing than to promote it as a learning tool amongst your employees. I’m not talking about professional learning videos you pay for from external vendors which you then might upload to the system. I’m referring to user (employee) generated videos that are created on whatever topic is imaginable. There is much going on within your organization — and via the brilliant minds of your team members — that can be recorded through the use of webams, screen captures or other camera modes. It can easily be uploaded and shared to increase the collective intelligence of all. That is social learning.”
Dan Pontefract, brave new org, 9. Januar 2013