LinkedIn to a New Degree

Posted on 25 September 2015 by jrobes

Mein Reden: LinkedIn hat das Potenzial, einer der großen Player auf dem Bildungsmarkt zu werden. 380 Millionen Nutzer weltweit bedeuten “Big Data” über Karrierepfade, Skills und Job-Profile. Da ist es fast zwingend, auch über Bildungsangebote nachzudenken.

“In April 2015, LinkedIn acquired the e-learning site for a record €1.5 billion. Sylvain Vacaresse, University of Rennes 1 lecturer and e-learning consultant, notes, “There’s a push to go beyond skill endorsements and provide MOOC-based certifications. Why not offer certified courses through ? A skill assessment tool could help people select classes. LinkedIn could create its own content” and become a full service provider.”
Nina Fink, Morgane Taquet,, 25. September 2015

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