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Assessment in MOOCs

Posted on 07 May 2013 by jrobes

Die Frage, inwieweit neben der Vermittlung von Lerninhalten auch Prüfungen und Tests automatisiert werden können, beschäftigt nicht nur die Anhänger und Entwickler von Massive Open Online Courses. Vor allem, wenn es darum geht, über MC-Fragen hinaus zu denken:

“I was asked: “I was wondering how they might work with the Humanities, as I teach Seventeenth-Century Literature, Shakespeare and other related subjects, which require research papers and final examinations. I can see using MOOCs for people who simply have a (non-credit) interest in these subjects, but I can’t see myself marking 5,000 term papers, and a similar number of exams. Multiple-choice evaluation, as in science, is easily taken care of electronically, but not in humanities. I am sure this looks like a naive question, …”

In seiner Antwort zählt Stephen Downes verschiedene Varianten auf, die aktuell diskutiert und, zum Teil, schon erprobt werden. Lesenswert!

- automated essay assessment …
- assessment based on task-completion or success-based metrics …
- peer assessment …
- network-based grading …
- portfolio-based assessment …
Stephen Downes, Half an Hour, 4. Mai 2013

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