The network is the learning: an interview with George Siemens

Posted on 08 June 2011 by jrobes

In Mailand findet gerade das Social Business Forum statt. Auf den Konferenzseiten ist eine Reihe von interessanten Interviews mit den Referenten versammelt, die im Vorfeld der Konferenz geführt wurden. U.a. dieses mit George Siemens, der hier einige Dinge zum Stichwort “social learning” sehr schön auf den Punkt bringt. Und damit Stoff zum Nachdenken und Diskutieren liefert. Deshalb will ich etwas länger zitieren: a) nicht “social learning” ist neu, nur das, was es heute umfassen kann:
“Social learning isn’t a new trend. Guild and apprentice models of learning have long relied on social learning. Going back even further, early philosophers relied almost exclusively on social learning, as the lineage of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle affirms. What is new today is the scale at which we can be involved in social learning. The web reduces many of the barriers learners faced in the past - such as time and geography.”

b) wir sind “information-driven beings” - “social learning” ist vor allem Mittel zum Zweck:
“I believe that humans are first and foremost information-driven beings. We process information constantly. From infant stage onward, we seek to make sense of the world by taking in, evaluating, and connecting the information that we encounter. This is an evolutionary trait - we are information-based beings. …
Which leads me to my definition of social learning: The reliance on social networks and interactions to assist us in making sense of the information in our context.

c) so viele Informationen, aber so wenig Wissen - “learning and knowledge analytics” ist “the next big thing”:
“I have little doubt that the next big thing in learning - schools, universities, and organizations - will be based on learning and knowledge analytics. We produce data trails in almost everything we do - a process amplified by the prevalence of mobile devices. Our ideas, our locations, what we’ve read, and who we interacted with are captured on Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, and our blogs.
Most companies fly blindly in terms of organizational knowledge and learning. Recognizing the incredible value of the data trails that employees produce is the first step toward an analytics-based approach to organizational goal achievement and capacity building.”
Stefano Besana, Interview mit George Siemens, Social Business Forum, 16. Mai 2011

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